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School Alert

SchoolAlert is a platform designed for educational institutions to communicate important notices to parents, guardians, students and the wider community.

First on the platform is The Ministry of Education Technological and Vocational Training in Barbados who will be piloting the platform on the island. Email for updates on the roll out.

SchoolAlert can be used by teachers, Ministry officials, Principals, students and the general School community to:

  • Subscribe to schools and receive alert notifications from the School.
  • Read important notices from the Ministry, school and Parent Teacher’s Associations.
  • View links to websites such as School websites, Facebook pages and other important social media sites.
  • Receive daily updates from credible media houses.
  • Ability to click to call/email contacts at a School directly from the app.

Upcoming Features

  • Collaboration hub to interact with other registered users of the platform.
  • Enable users to update contact information at the school.
  • Surveys forms to provide feedback to improve the relationship with all stakeholders.
  • Get emergency contact information for relevant agencies.