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Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy of our users and therefore we do not collect any data with our applications. Browser-based technologies require a small cache on the device to improve the performance of the app. Some of the providers also use cookies so you don’t have to sign in every time you open the app. These are kept on the device only, nothing is transferred to us or any other party. If you remove the app, this temporary storage will also be removed.

Windows 10 applications

In360 – a portal to the Life360 Web Application. So you can view your other Life360 devices from your desktop/laptop.

InSites – this app allows you to save a collection of your commonly used websites in one place. Similar to a browser with several tabs, but the tabs are remembered across sessions and across Windows devices.

These apps do not collect or store any information, but simply provide a web interface to the service provider that uses the information you provide so they can serve you. When you key information, it is keyed directly into to the providers web site/application, protected by the providers’ SSL encryption so nothing can be read by third parties.

Android and iOS

Android and iOS apps such as Bajan Alert, BossListens and GOB Listens collect only the information you provide in the app itself. None of the apps collect personally identifiable information.

Your survey responses completed in Boss Listens and GOB Listens are reviewed by the respective business or Government department if they have subscribed to receive the information from Boss Listens Inc.

Thank you for using our applications, and we hope you enjoy the convenience they were created to provide. Click Contact Us to send us a note if you need further clarification.