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Intrinsic Global Technologies is the technology services division of Intrinsic Data Inc. It is a solution-oriented company with over a decade of experience in the IT industry. We offer IT support including a complementing set of data-focused services to simplify and improve your business operation with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We’ve worked with companies across a number of sectors including finance, insurance and education.

Our competences

  • Mobile and Web application development ( 10+ years)
  • Windows network administration (18+ years)
  • Virtualization (10+ years)
  • Data management (15+ years)
  • Business Analysis (15+ years)
  • Website development and management (2+ years)
  • Internet domain management (2+ years)
  • Email infrastructure services (3+ years)


Microsoft Data Management and Analytics Certification
CompTIA IT Operations Specialist
Red Hat Certified System Administrator

Core Services

Web services

We develop professional websites and provide the associated support such as interacting with your provider on your behalf to keep the website updated and running smoothly. Websites add a fresh modern face to a business and can facilitate automated customer interaction; they can also be linked into the internal business systems. Businesses leverage Web services to present information to a wide audience in a highly organized and concise manner. This works especially well when combined with social media which is less organized, but highly visible.

Additionally,  we develop web-based applications which allows customers to interact with your business online 24/7; allowing them to perform business activities without the need to come to an office. They allow you to make better use of your phone system by providing useful information and answers to commonly asked questions online.

App development

We develop mobile apps to run your phone and tablet. Like a website, apps allows for extensive customer engagement, but has the advantage of a much greater reach; right into the palm of their hands actually.

Mobile apps also allow interaction with customers individually, and therefore allows for personalized service delivery.

Software Development

We also develop applications for desktop and laptop computers. Desktop applications are the workhorse of the office. They record and process business transactions, provide reports, and automate office functions to lighten the workload and improve efficiency.

Data Management

We provide consultation to help you sensibly store and retrieve the information you work with. Information must be sensibly stored. It must be secure, whether onsite or online, and easy to access by the various people and systems that need it. This service covers information stored in structured databases like Microsoft SQL Server, and unstructured information like spreadsheets and documents.

Questions to ask:

  • Where is my information stored, is it secure?
  • It is easy to retrieve?
  • Is the format it is in easy to work with?
  • How easy is it to recover if there is a disaster?

Short Term Assignment

Beyond the skills highlighted above, our wide IT expertise is also available on a contract basis. This is ideal for longer commitments, a few weeks to a few months, such as projects or support contracts. This unique service provides access to a wealth of experience for a contracted time.

Recent Projects

Web Projects

Tangeni Global Group logo
Jabez House Barbados
Business Continuity Management Services Inc.

Consultation and Support services

FirstCaribbean International Bank – SWIFT Alliance and VMware Virtualization support.

Cidel Banks and Trust – Microsoft SQL Server consultancy.